The Location Of Our Lodge With Scenic Views.

Ideal Location For Views Of Kilimanjaro And Relaxation:

As you can see from the Google map enclosed on this page we are situated a stones throw away from Kilimanjaro itself. From our balcony and the downstairs dining areea you can see Kilimanjaro in all its majesty. The lodge offers a great view right from the front garden and reception of the worlds tallest free standing mountain. As soon as you arrive you will immediately see why we chose to build this lodge here. We strongly recommend that you bring your cameras and tripods because this is really a view that you don’t want to miss out  on.

Attractions Nearby Kilimanjaro Lodge

Other than the great view of Mt Kilimanjaro we are also close to the city of Arusha as it’s only a 45 minute journey by car. The local market is very close to the lodge too as it is only a five minute walking safari. Also we are close to Mount Meru and Arusha national park for any safari wildlife you would like to see which is an hours drive to the gate of Momella. Our  lodge location currently doesn’t allow for internet access, however this is something we aim to get in the very close future. Once we do have WiFi installed it will start off in the main building and it will be only $5 per hour for all of our guests to use.

Our Lodge Is Quiet And Relatively Isolated:

The lodge is rather secluded in terms of tourism and we are one of the very few lodges that have chose to build here. We feel lucky that this is the case because it means that the area remains peaceful and there’s not a lot of noise coming from outside the property. We’re also very close to a Christian church that has actually been recently built and holds an enthusiastic congregation of six hundred. By going to the church on the Sunday there is the possibility to donate and give back to the community. This is one of the reasons we have an organised a trip to the local market as it gives the chance to locals to sell some of their fresh fruits and vegetables to make a living.

Safety And Security:

The House of West Kilimanjaro currently owns around ten acres that the lodge is on. We own the corn fields that surround the area so you will not have to be worried about other building work or noise coming from the lodge grounds either. There is also twenty four hour security for the compound which we use as a precaution in the unlikely  case of theft. So overall we believe that this is a safe and secure location where you should feel comfortable when you stay with us.

Why Choose Our Accommodation ?

We are really urging you to give us a try and we will welcome you gratefully. We love to hear from you and when you book with us the directing manager would be more than willing to sit down and have a friendly chat with you and learn about your background and he will tell you what he’s done and how his dream has always been to have a successful business. Please check out the “Contact Us” page and give us a call.

Hopefully this information has helped you in making a decision in where you would like to stay when you come to Tanzania. The house of West Kili is extremely looking forward to hearing from you.