West Kilimanjaro Activities Range

The activities that the House of West Kilimanjaro provide are actually one of our bragging points. The following list entails what you can expect from your stay with us if you’re not too busy relaxing around the premises that is.

Sacred mountain walk with views of Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru

We have a mountain trek that should only take up a morning. The mountain is called Oldonyo Muruak and it’s sacred because every ten years the Maasai perform an ancient cultural ceremony on the top of the mountain, and they dance and sing for many days and nights. The ceremony is to celebrate the Maasai teenagers leaving their childhood behind and embracing the adult world. Apart from that, the reason we chose this mountain to climb is because, it is one of the very limited viewpoints whereby you can see the top of Mt Kilimanjaro and the top on Mt Meru. Mt Meru is the 9th highest mountain in Africa standing tall at 4566 ft and obviously Mt Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa. You can see both peaks when you reach the top of the sacred mountain (on a clear day of course). This provides for an excellent outing and one that you will surely remember for a long time. You never know, perhaps you may stumble upon and celebrating Maasai tribe member on the way up. If you’re not eligible to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, or you simply don’t fancy it then we would strongly recommend you embark on this activity as it is thoroughly satisfying. Also when you reach the summit the views are usually hugely rewarding. You may be thinking that’s great, but where does the price come in? Well you don’t have to worry about it being extortionate as it’s only $15.00 per person.  We will cover the transport costs and guide you up the mountain safely. This activity is of course optional and you don’t have to undertake in it if  you don’t want to. Arrangements should be conducted in advance.

Meeting a Maasai tribe leader

Another option you have is meeting a Maasai tribe leader. The traditional Maasai unfortunately only speak Swahili, but no matter because one of our experienced guides will be at hand to translate the lecture given by the Maasai leader. The lecture will be on what goes on in the Maasai culture and the description of the ancient ceremony that they undertake every 10 years. The Maasai are also willing to answer any questions you can think of regarding the Maasai way of life, to the best of his ability. The option to climb the mountain or meet the Maasai man will be decided upon by popular opinion within the guests. Although if you’re staying for two days then there’s time to do both! The meeting is quite informal and you will have to freedom to have a look around and experience the mud houses that the tribe live in, and also you will be able to meet the family too. The family will be very kind and you won’t have to worry about begging or other problems to that effect. The children especially love to see tourists and will find you taking pictures very funny. The way the Maasai live is definitely an undeveloped way of living. Although that said, they do seem to love their way of life and they don’t have a problem with keeping their traditional roots intact.  This once in a lifetime activity only costs $10.00 per person.  This and many more are available only at the House of West Kili that you will be able to participate in when you book with us.

Cycle trip to the viewpoint to view Kilimanjaro

If you’re up for it a cycle trip is available to a great viewing point that is not known by the other hotels and lodges around the area. The cycle trip will be led by a hired guide who will explain what you’re seeing as you pass through the little villages. The exceptional views you will see are limited to very few people and are truly breath-taking. If presumably you brought a camera then you are in store for some really fantastic images to show the family and friends back at home. The viewpoint is basically just a closer look at the mountain than that of the hotel. However it’s definitely a considerable amount closer. The journey time from the car takes approximately ten minutes and by bike you should be looking at just under an hour to get there. On the way you will get a taste for the Tanzanian culture, and no doubt you will receive a few waving gestures from the locals on your way. The bike hire for this service is $20.00. Once you are there you will have time to sit on the grass and forget about everything besides enjoying yourself whilst you relax in the sun. The House of West Kilimanjaro staff will be driving there in preparation of your arrival and will set up a picnic with juice and light snacks which we’re sure you will appreciate when you get there. If you’re not too tired from the journey to the location there is also a little football pitch nearby where you could have a little kick about with a football, if you bring one. Some of the pictures on the site show you the views from this location, so hopefully you like them and you consider booking with West Kilimanjaro lodge so you can live it rather than just hear about it.

Market Trip to experience the Tanzanian culture

If you’re keen on going to visit the local fruit and vegetable market then that can easily be arranged as it is only a five minute walking safari from the lodge. These fruits and vegetables are not just very tasty but really good for you too! It’s hard to come across the luxury of something like this and this is why we are advertising this to be a big attraction with coming to stay with us. Apart from increasing your health, the market is also an opportunity for you to give something back to the rather poor community and will no doubt give you a sense of perspective coming back home. Even simple things like going to visit the local market can be a thrilling experience as the people will no doubt be very happy to see you and will try and get you to buy their produce. On this note we would err on the side of cation and advise you not to bring a great deal of money with you, as unfortunately as with every town or city there is a minority who are out for themselves and may not think twice about pick-pocketing you. This has never happened on one of our excursions, however it’s always better to be safe than sorry in our minds.

 Trip to Shira Plateau

This activity is one that we also really pride ourselves in. Shira Plateau is a location that is probably as close as you can physically get to Kilimanjaro by car. This activity will cost something in the region of $60.00 entry fee into the Tanzanian national park per person. On top of this there is a $150.00 four by four transport fee. The maximum number of people who are allowed to go on this trip is five as that’s all the room in the four by four available. Also this activity should definitely be arranged in advance and preferably when you’re booking with us. This is a great activity that you will have a great time in experiencing. The trip lasts the whole day and will be one you will be so glad you decided to pay the money for. From the Shira Plateau you might even be able to meet climbers who are in the process of climbing the colossal Mount Kilimanjaro. In this process we will pass the Londrossi gate  although we believe this is thoroughly worth paying if you don’t intend to climb the mountain but you want to get the best possible view of it. During this time, snacks and light refreshments will be made available and you will have as much time as you’d like to take pictures and soak in the atmosphere. <p style=”text-align: justify;”>So we hope that at least one of these activities seems appealing enough for you to pick up the phone or fire us a quick E-mail and inquire. Even if it’s to check availability we would love to hear from you, we also really value your feedback on our service and love to hear about points we could improve on for other clients, or if you intend to return to us. The House of West Kili is ready and waiting to hear from you.</p>

So we hope that at least one of these activities seems appealing enough for you to pick up the phone or fire us a quick E-mail and inquire. Even if it’s to check availability we would love to hear from you, we also really value your feedback on our service and love to hear about points we could improve on for other clients, or if you intend to return to us. The House of West Kili is ready and waiting to hear from you.