Our accommodation facilities are in the form of cottages. We have four fully operational cottages situated in near proximity to our main building. If you wish to get a better understanding you can find the cottages on Google maps, if you look on the “Location” page on this site.

Our cottages offer to give you a simplistic outlook on what we would define as an authentic Tanzanian experience. We are not implementing  television sets in the rooms because we understand a holiday is a time meant to be spent away from all the normality and what you do back at home. Also our previous clients have actually commented telling us how it’s such a good thing that we don’t have put them in the rooms. We would rather encourage you to embrace the culture of Africa and join us on what we offer activity wise (found in the “Activities” page)

The rooms do however have furniture provided, also all of our beds are four-poster that are fully equipped with mosquito nets.  We will provide soap and shower gels for you to use to wash in the mornings. This is accompanied by fresh, dry towels and hot running water. The rooms are spacious and will be kept to a high standard of cleanliness during your stay. If you experience any drop in the standard you were expecting then please inform us and we will make every effort to amend our failing. In our cottages we are trying to give you the flavour of Africa, as you will find out by noticing our tribal patterned curtains and bed sheets.

Even the weather around the lodge is rather soothing. The area where the lodge is located isn’t quite as hot as other areas around Arusha. This is mainly due to us being so close to Mt Kilimanjaro. The temperatures usually range from 15-30 degrees Celsius. We look at this as a positive factor because it gives you a good amount of time to acclimatize to the temperature if you’re going to climb Mt Kilimanjaro.  If you are away for most of the day and arrive back to the lodge late at night or the early hours of the morning then you will be comforted to know that the path guiding the way to your cottage is lit up by lanterns that shine brightly. This is also nice if you just want to sit and admire the stars as you sit on the cushioned seats provided outside your door. Sometimes the night sky is so clear that you can barely make out Orion’s Belt in the stars because there’s so many stars that you can see that you normally don’t.

We don’t allow smoking in any of the rooms or in the main building though. So if you’re a smoker there will be a box whereby you can stub out your cigarette into in a neat and tidy fashion.

The rates for the rooms are $70 per person.

The Price for bed and breakfast is $100 per person onward into the triple and family suite.

(We accept most currencies)

We believe our rates are extremely competitive and we aim to give you your full moneys worth during your stay. After reading this and you’re still unsure of a few specifics then please just call us and ask. Just to remind you that you can find our number in the “Contact Us” page. To get a closer look at our rooms just look at the images provided. They images provide an accurate depiction of what you can expect when you arrive. Also every couple of months the images will be updated every few moths to show you changes that are made to the Lodge.

When you book with us your breakfast, lunch and dinner  have to be paid for separately.

  • Breakfast: $10.00
  • Lunch : $15.00
  • Dinner: $20.00

Our chef  is one we’ve had for a few years now and not once have we received a complaint about the food. Neither do we intend to ever receive one. This is one of the many reasons we grow our own produce because we know exactly how the food has been grown and where it’s come from. The staff will be very careful to make sure you have an enjoyable meal by monitoring the proceedings whilst you eat. There is also a selection of drinks available ranging from spirits and wines to lager and soft/carbonated drinks. At the House of West Kili we are here to serve and strive to become even better so your input and feedback is invaluable to us.

We hope you are tempted to give the House of West Kili a shot. Give us a try, who knows it may be one of the best decisions you ever make.