About us

The house of West Kili is set up to provide you a high standard of service in a great location. You may be just browsing the internet in hope that one of these lodges/hotels catches you attention and fastens your appetite to  come and experience what the great country of Tanzania has to offer you.

We trust that you won’t be disappointed if you choose to book with us, however by all means we believe you should definitely go and look at what the rest of the hotels and lodges are offering.

We think that we are one of the more logical options because you can stay with us for just $100 for a single room and $70 for each person for a double, thereafter it remains $70 per person per night. This competitive pricing  plus all the activities and additional extras you receive with us make us quietly confident you might seriously consider staying with the House of West Kili.   

 Putting all the activities aside for a moment, maybe you just want to come to Tanzania for some relaxation with some great views. Well we can off that too. Our four cottages that we have are capable of holding a maximum number of twenty. So that consequently means that the lodge will never be overrun with clients and you will have the care and attention you deserve. The cottages are only a few years old, with each room having its own bathroom and shower facilities. We also have disabled access  to our cottages so that isn’t an issue with us either.

People who have special eating requests like Vegetarians or vegans can also feel at home at the House of West Kilimanjaro because we cater for their needs too. If you have any other queries regarding special circumstances then don’t hesitate to call our number which you can find on the “Contact Us” page.

The lodge is far from complete currently, as the whole of the upstairs in the main building is under construction. We are planning to implement a conference room along with a media room and a massage facility. All of these are on the way and we plan to have them installed by September 2012. We also have another cottage in the process of construction which will hold a further four to six people. All of this construction work is postponed  when we have clients over as we don’t want any construction to happening whilst you are on the premises, as we don’t want to damage your experience with us.

The house of west Kilimanjaro is not just for accommodation though, it can also be used for somewhere just to have lunch, or somewhere to sit whilst absorbing the scintillating experience of Africa. However if you’re not staying overnight at the lodge then you can’t access the gardens at the back of the property, this is for clients who wish to stay the night with us. The reason behind this is primarily because we respect that our clients will be wanting privacy whilst they are on holiday and for them to receive the best treatment possible we ensure that they have peace and quiet.

When you arrive to the House of West Kilimanjaro the staff will be most willing to greet you as you make your arrival and carry your baggage to where you will be lodged. Also they will provide you with a complimentary glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice.We aim to go the extra mile where our competitors don’t and we know how the little things make all the difference. At the House of West Kilimanjaro we don’t cut corners and although we will concede that obviously the lodge isn’t perfect, we will strive to make your stay as enjoable as possible with the least ammount of worry.To get a glimpse of what you can expect when you arrive then you should take a look at the images displayed on the site using the featured slide-shows if you haven’t done so already.

I hope this brief description has given you the taste for more and if you want to further your interest by making contact we truly believe it will be worth your while. Thank you for reading and please explore the rest of the site for more information.